Other Training

Other Training

CIArb offers training and resources that supplement the membership qualification courses. These courses provide valuable opportunities for members and non-members alike to deepen their knowledge and skills in dealing with disputes.


Online Introduction to ADR

We presently offer both Introduction to ADR and the Introduction to ADR online assessment as eModules.

Successful completion provides a gateway to wider professional CIArb membership, benefits and service.

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Avoiding and Resolving Contractual Disputes  

This open entry course provides those who do not have a legal background with knowledge on how contracts are formed, as well as the way legal terms can be both interpreted and applied with regards to dispute prevention and resolution.

Upon completion of the Avoiding and Resolving Contractual Disputes course candidates will receive a certificate. 

Brand Protection in Times of Dispute

An eModule for both those with a legal background and for those without, CIArb demonstrates the different strategies of distinguishing the brand from the dispute in times of disagreement.

The Brand Protection in Times of Dispute course offers a chance to get an initial understanding, or to brush up on existing knowledge.

A Guide to Arbitration Award Writing

This eModule considers the technical matters of grammar, sentence structure and formatting, and ensures the award is clear, concise, and free from errors or ambiguities. It takes individuals through analysing the facts and legal issues in an arbitration, with a view to preparing an award. It is set out in three main parts, as there are normally three drafts of the award, and a scenario is included to apply the knowledge attained. Videos from an experienced tutor and arbitrator, Dr Karen Akinci FCIArb, are also included and there are a number of interactive activities to support the learning.

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CIArb Audiobooks


CIArb offers audiobooks as a way of engaging with ADR knowledge on the go.

Resolving Disputes Today: Collated and adapted by Richard Barnes FCIArb, and edited and read by Michael Patchett Joyce FCIArb.

Available at Audiobooks.co.uk, for subscribers or Kobo.com to buy for the one-off price of £12.97.

The audiobook is also available on Apple Books and Google Play.

The CIArb audiobook introduces some of the main techniques for dispute avoidance, management and resolution. It considers what constitutes a conflict, looks at litigation and goes into methods such as mediation and negotiation. It is useful for those who want to understand how to address disputes, and the different disciplines and techniques associated with them.

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