Introduction Courses

Introduction Courses

What is ADR?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is made of a number of methods all designed to settle disputes without involving the courts and is highly-valued by many organisations. ADR is flexible, efficient, saves time and costs. Using ADR as a means of settling conflict is becoming increasing popular.

Our Introduction to ADR Course

Our Introduction to ADR course provides a good understanding of the various methods of dispute resolution that are alternatives to court proceedings.

There are many different types of ADR and the skills associated with them are highly-regarded and appreciated by many employers and organisations.

This course aims to give candidates:

  • A background understanding of ADR.
  • An understanding of how ADR can support dispute cases.
  • The ability to describe the processes and procedures of ADR.

The Introduction to ADR course can be taken online and also face-to-face.

Please note: CIArb introduction courses can also be taken in Domestic Arbitration, International Arbitration, Construction Adjudication and Mediation but only face-to-face.

Upon successful completion of any introduction course and its assessment, candidates can apply to become Associate members of CIArb.

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