Construction Adjudication

Pathway in Construction Adjudication

Module 1: Law Practice and Procedure of Construction Adjudication

Deepen your knowledge of construction adjudication to become an effective advisor to parties in dispute.

Ciarb’s popular Module 1 course focuses on the legal principles, process, practice and procedure in construction adjudication to give you the knowledge you need.

On successful completion of the Module 1 assessment (available separately), you:

  • Will have an in-depth knowledge of the legal principles of this discipline.
  • Can apply to become a Member of Ciarb (MCIArb) – ideal if you are keen to develop your ADR career and professional network.
  • Are able to progress on to the Module 2: Law of Obligations course.

Module 2: Law of Obligations

Take a step closer towards becoming a qualified arbitrator, adjudicator or mediator by taking Ciarb’s Virtual Module 2: Law of Obligations course and assessment.

Ciarb’s Module 2 course provides you with an understanding of the relevant principles in the law of tort and the law of contract in the context of how disputes may arise and be resolved. The course covers both common and civil law jurisdictional principles.

On successful completion of Module 2 and its assessment, and providing you meet the entry criteria, you will be able to progress to the relevant Virtual Module 3 course.

If you are legally trained, you may be eligible to take the Module 2 Online Exemption Test instead.

Virtual Module 3: Drafting, Evidence and Decision Writing in Construction Adjudication

Take a step closer to becoming a qualified adjudicator through this course.

Ciarb’s Module 3 course equips you to write a final, reasoned and enforceable Construction Adjudication Decision in compliance with the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996.

You will gain knowledge of the main procedural elements of construction adjudication and the skills to enable you to understand and participate in such proceedings.

On successful completion of the Module 3 assessment (available separately), you will be able to draft and publish a final, reasoned, and enforceable decision for parties. You will also be eligible to apply for Ciarb Fellowship (FCIArb) – unlocking eligibility to join Ciarb’s and other global dispute panels.

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