Intro to ADR

Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution

What is ADR?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is made of a number of methods all designed to settle disputes without involving the courts and is highly-valued by many organisations. ADR is flexible, efficient, saves time and costs. Using ADR as a means of settling conflict is becoming increasing popular.

Our Introduction to ADR Course

Our Introduction to ADR course provides a good understanding of the various methods of dispute resolution that are alternatives to court proceedings.

There are many different types of ADR and the skills associated with them are highly-regarded and appreciated by many employers and organisations.

This course aims to give candidates:

  • A background understanding of ADR.
  • An understanding of how ADR can support dispute cases.
  • The ability to describe the processes and procedures of ADR.

The Introduction to ADR course can be taken just online and also face-to-face.

Upon successful completion of this course and its assessment, candidates can apply to become Associate members of CIArb.

Please note, Introduction courses are also available in Domestic Arbitration, International Arbitration and Construction Adjudication. These courses can also lead to Associate membership.

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