Virtual Accelerated Route to Fellowship Construction Adjudication Assessment 2024


Date & Time:
2 December 2024

Bookable until:
6 October 2024

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Have you got five or more years’ practical experience either as a representative or practitioner in construction adjudication? Do you have substantial but unassessed knowledge of construction adjudication? Then you can fast-track your way to Ciarb Fellowship (FCIArb).

The Accelerated Route to Fellowship is an intensive five day assessment programme. It is designed to assess whether you have the knowledge and skills required to apply the principles and procedure of construction adjudication to write a reasoned and enforceable Decision.

Upon successfully completing the programme, you can apply to become a Ciarb Fellow. Fellowship (FCIArb) is internationally recognised and respected. When you become a Ciarb Fellow, you join a distinguished group of experienced private dispute resolution practitioners. Fellowship unlocks eligibility to join Ciarb’s and other global dispute panels.


How is the programme delivered?

The Accelerated Route to Fellowship is a five-day assessment programme. Virtual assessment workshops take place on days one to four.


How will I be assessed?

The final assessment takes place on day five when you will be given 48 consecutive hours within a five-day window to submit your answers online.


What are the entry requirements?

In order to register for the Accelerated Route to Fellowship in Construction Adjudication, you must submit evidence to show you:

  • Have a minimum of 5 years of practical experience of construction adjudication either as a representative or a construction adjudicator, and;
  • Have substantial knowledge of the framework of construction adjudication, and;
  • Can recognise and evaluate evidence, and;
  • Can significantly evaluate and apply the principles and requirements of a construction adjudication, and;
  • Can noticeably demonstrate practical skill in the carrying out of tasks required in preparing for and progressing a construction adjudication.

Once accepted onto the programme, we highly recommend that non-lawyers first complete the Module 2 Law of Obligations Exemption Test before starting the Accelerated Route to Fellowship. This is to ensure familiarity with both common and civil law legal principles. Access to the exemption test is free of charge in this context.


How do I apply?

To be considered for this assessment programme, please send your CV to Andrea Khan at by 6 October 2024.


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