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Ciarb members connected through new virtual events

11 Dec 2023

In 2023, Ciarb launched Let’s Discuss… a series of virtual events hosted by members to discuss topics and issues that matter most in private dispute resolution worldwide. The series provided members with an opportunity to debate topical issues around adjudication, mediation, technology, diversity and inclusion. It enabled members to share insights, learn from peers and make new connections.  

We have been thrilled by the positive response from our members, including comments such as, “These Let's Discuss sessions are first-class. The participation aspect is unique”, and “This event was timely, insightful, and informative. I highly recommend it and other Ciarb events for continuous professional development”, and “The moderators were first class”.

Ciarb’s events team is now planning the 2024 series and is seeking input and participation from you, our members.  

Which topics would you be interested to discuss?  Please email your thoughts to Let's Discuss topic ideas.   

Almost 2,000 Ciarb members registered for 11 Let’s Discuss events in 2023. The topics discussed included:

  • The adoption of technology in arbitration
  • Cultural intelligence
  • How to tackle jurisdictional challenges in construction adjudication
  • Game changers in mediation technology
  • The impact of AI on arbitration
  • Adjudicator's terms & conditions
  • Energy disputes
  • Managing the adjudication process
  • Technology disputes
  • AI in practice
  • What the Churchill judgment means for mediation and ADR

Nina Fletcher, Ciarb’s Executive Director of Membership and Education, says, “The ‘Let’s Discuss’ series  has been a great success. The sessions enable members to discuss a range of topical subjects with peers and others and develop their networks at the same time. The programme would not have been possible without the 45 Ciarb members and non-members who volunteered their time to speak at and moderate the sessions, ensuring the success of each event. The Let’s Discuss… series is an important part of Ciarb’s wider Ongoing Learning programme, which seeks to provide learning and development opportunities that supplement and complement the Ciarb qualifications and is available to members worldwide. Our thanks also go to JAMS and TrialView for their support and contributions.”

Ciarb members who participated in Ciarb’s 2023 Let’s Discuss… series include:   

Ryan Abbott FCIArb

Laura Abrahamsson FCIArb

Tope Adeyemi FCIArb

Alexis Bennett MCIArb

Eduardo Benavides FCIArb

Neil Boothroyd FCIArb

Bryan J Branon ACIArb

Lisa Cattanach

Elizabeth Chan FCIArb

Philippa Charles  

Rebecca Clark MCIArb

Jessica Crow MCIArb

Catherine Dixon MCIArb

Stephen Dowling

Matt Drake FCIArb

Kim Franklin KC C.Arb FCIArb

Michael Greenop FCIArb

Shirish Gupta

Timothy Hardy FCIArb

Amb. (r.) David Huebner C.Arb FCIArb

Karolina Jackowicz FCIArb

Paul Jensen FCIArb


Laura A Kaster FCIArb

Jarlath Kearney FCIArb

Katrina Limond

Eimear McCann

Janey Milligan FCIArb

Claire Morel de Westgaver 

Matt Molloy FCIArb

Sophie Nappert

Kiran Nasir Gore

Niav O’Higgins

Natalia Otlinger MCIArb

Pavan Paw

Isabel Philips MCIArb

Barbara Reeves FCIArb

Nikki Sharp FCIArb

Ben Shillito

Paul Sills FCIArb

Tom Smith

Joe Tirado ACIArb

Peter Vinden FCIArb

Arun Visweswaran ACIArb

Rainbow Willard FCIArb

Simon Yates FCIArb

Don’t forget to let us know the topics you want to discuss in 2024. Email your thoughts to Let's Discuss topic ideas.  

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