05 September 2019

French Guyana - Brazil v France in a Public International Law Arbitration

The last article in this space – about the Brazilian tradition to resort to arbitration to solve its Public International Law disputes –  attracted great interest from readers.

07 August 2019

Mediation ... a traditional dispute resolution method in the UAE

The UAE have taken strides in recent years in establishing itself as a hub of International Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) tools, and that is by establishing reputable international free zone centers such as DIFC and ADGM

06 August 2019

What happens when mediation becomes mandatory?

For so long the idea of mandatory mediation has caused controversy and consternation in equal measure.  What is changing?  The prevailing wisdom now acknowledges the Courts are expensive, slow, under-funded and under-resourced with too few Judges and too little IT.

08 July 2019

Preserving hares, ODR and the rule of law

In what remains of this Parliament two bills bear scrutiny and neither of them have anything to do with Brexit.