30 April 2019

Mediation: Panacea or Mirage?

Mediation is envisaged as an effective way to increase co-operation between opposing parties and reduce the pressure on our court systems;

30 April 2019

Did the Chinese Court open up an opportunity for Malaysian Lawyers?

On December 30, 2016, the Supreme People's Court ("SPC") as a result of the Fa Fa [2016] No. 34 case, issued the Opinions on Providing Judicial Protection for the Construction of Pilot Free Trade Zones.

26 April 2019

Construction, disputes and adjudication practice in Zambia: Challenges and opportunities

Disputes are the order of everyday life and these do happen in private life, family, and businesses among others. So what is a dispute?

05 April 2019

The Philippines’ “pro-enforcement” take on the New York Convention: a yay or a nay?

On the 60th year of the signing of the New York Convention (“NYC”), the Supreme Court of the Philippines (“SC”), for the first time, declared its adoption of a narrow definition of “public policy” under the said convention.