03 April 2019

Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements in Portugal

In the Portuguese jurisdiction the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments is regulated in Book V, Special forms of procedure, Title XIV, The Foreign Judgment Review, article 978 et seq. of the Civil Procedure Code. In this article, we intend to briefly explain how these processes work in Portugal.

12 March 2019

The advantages of London ad hoc Maritime Arbitrations

The world of shipping is a universe apart. It has its own traditions, language and values. It even has its own preferred dispute resolution method, namely ad hoc arbitrations.

08 March 2019

Some peculiar aspects of GAFTA Arbitrations

Some things you can only do in London. Although loitering in the fog is no longer part of the city’s attraction, taking a ride in a black cab, having a pint at the Cittie of Yorke and arbitrating a commodities dispute are still very much an exclusivity of the English capital.

01 March 2019

ADR practice in Zambia: exploring legislative reforms and future prospects to further enhance the practice

In Zambia, ADR practice can be traced back to the 90s. Over the years, the practice of ADR has continued to grow both in numbers of ADR practitioners and practice.