East Asia Branch Committee

Helen Au (University Promotion and Mentoring Chair)
Mac Chan (Co-opted; YMG Chair)
Stephen Chu (Observer)
Mingchao Fan (Regional PRC Chair)
Glenn Haley (Regional non-PRC and Institute Communications Chair)
Giovanna Kwong (Co-opted; Diversity Chair)
Lawrence Lee (Mediation Chair)
Gina Leung (Observer; Newsletter Chair)
Vincent Li (Social Media Chair)
David Luk (Programme Co-chair)
Joseph Leung (Observer; Adjudication Chair)
Jagmeet Makkar (Observer)
Saniza Othman (Co-opted)
Scott Ramsden (Observer)
Christopher To (Professional Development and Training, Asian DR Editorial and Faculty List Chair)
Anny Wong (Observer)
Albert Yeu (Programme Co-chair)
Micky Yip (Website Chair)
Cordia Yu (Membership Chair)