Caribbean Chapters

The Branch has the following elected Chapters:

Barbados Chapter
Mr. Calvin Hamilton FCIArb (Chairman)
Ms. Tanya Goddard FCIArb (Vice Chair)
Mr. George Holder ACIArb (Secretary)
Ms. Nicola Berry FCIArb

Trinidad and Tobago Chapter
Mr. Justice Anthony Gafoor FCIArb (Chairman)
Ms. Ria Mankee-Sookram MCIArb (Vice Chair)
Mr. Mark Hood MCIArb (Secretary)
Ms. Natthoya Baptiste ACIArb (Education & Training Officer)

British Virgin Islands Chapter
Ms. Tameka Davis MCIArb (Chair)
Mr. Peter Ferrer ACIArb (Vice Chairman)
Ms. Monique Peters MCIArb
Ms. Rosalind Nicholson MCIArb

St. Lucia Chapter
Ms. Kit-Juelle Frank-Amoroso MCIArb (Chair)
Ms. Lisa Evans FCIArb
Mr. Martin Renee ACIArb
Mr. Tedburt Theobalds ACIArb