Member Types


CIArb is a global training and membership organisation promoting different techniques for avoiding, managing and resolving disputes outside of court that arise in a multitude of contexts, such as the corporate sphere. These techniques include arbitration, adjudication, mediation and negotiation. It has a community of more than 21,500 members committed to these techniques, based across 149 countries and supported by an international network of 41 branches. CIArb offers its members many professional services.

Why you should join CIArb

In order to become a member of CIArb, a person has to either complete CIArb training, show they have completed a course of study at a CIArb Recognised Training Provider (RCP) or have the experience that is commensurate to the knowledge and skills required by CIArb. For these reasons, membership of CIArb demonstrates that a person has reached a high standard of excellence and proficiency when it comes to dispute avoidance and resolution and further signifies that they have a strong commitment to professionalism, esteemed values and integrity. Professional services include:

Career Development Services:

  • Tiered membership courses to support career progression and ongoing, non-membership courses in discrete themes of ADR
  • Networking events: member-only discounts for regional, national and international events
  • Online journals (Arbitration journal) , Magazines (Resolver) and industry reports
  • eLibrary: eBooks, eLearning modules, audiobooks, podcasts, videos
  • Policy, ADR thought leadership consultations and news updates via our MyCIArb 

Professional Services:

  • Regional and global network of 41 branches and many chapters
  • Dedicated ADR interest groups: Young Members Group (YMG), Specialist (sector/ industry) groups
  • Discounted Room Hire at 12 Bloomsbury Square Members. Qualify for a 10% discount on room hire at our impressive headquarters on London's Bloomsbury Square. A sustainable meeting and events space

Member Services:

  • Use of special postnominal letters for Associate, Member, Chartered and Fellow status
  • Professional indemnity insurance. Opportunity to make considerable savings on members’ professional indemnity insurance. To obtain a quote, please email Lothbury UK at
  • CIArb resources such as templates, forms, rules, recommended clauses, guidelines and ethics resources
  • Monthly newsletter (eSolver)



Student membership is completely free and open to anyone currently studying at a university or other higher education institute.

Professional Membership

Whether you are new to ADR or have some prior experience or knowledge find the right route to membership for you

Chartered Arbitrator

A Chartered Arbitrator is a Fellow of CIArb who has demonstrated to a peer interview panel an advanced knowledge of arbitration.

Just Interested in ADR?

For those who do not wish to join CIArb as members, however, nonetheless have a strong interest in avoiding or resolving disputes outside of court, CIArb offers a number of professional services.