The CIArb Arbitration Rules

What are the CIArb Arbitration Rules

CIArb Arbitration Rules (“the Rules”), effective 1 December 2015, are designed for use in both domestic and international ad hoc arbitrations.

The Rules are based on the 2010 UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules with the inclusion of optional additional clauses to provide parties with more choice to tailor them to their own needs.

Significantly, the Rules allow CIArb to decide challenges to arbitrators and introduce provisions to aid emergency relief and enhance efficiency.

What is CIArb’s Role?

  • The appointment of arbitrators, including emergency arbitrators
  • Decisions on challenges to arbitrators
  • Replacement of arbitrators
  • Fundholding services

Download a copy of the current Rules and a copy of the Schedule of Costs, detailing the relevant fees payable to CIArb, from our ‘Resources’ section.

For relatively straightforward and smaller value cases, the parties may wish to consider using the CIArb Cost Controlled Arbitration Rules.

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