Standing Committees

The purpose of the Institute's Standing Committees, Boards and Sub-Committees is to further the achievement of the object and charitable purposes of the Institute on a global basis.

Chairmen of any Standing Committees, Boards or Sub-Committees cannot exceed three consecutive years in office.

Subject to budgetary provision, Chairmen may establish sub-committees for limited purposes and for limited time periods and only to undertake specific tasks.

  • Arran Dowling-Hussey (Chair) FCIArb
  • Andrew Miller (Trustee) FCIArb
  • Julien Haye (Appointed)
  • Louise McKay (Appointed)
  • Nadeem Sohail (Appointed)
  • Paul Barrett (Chair) FCIArb
  • Ben Giaretta (Trustee) FCIArb
  • Peace Joseph (Appointed)
  • Maya Marcos-O’Brien (Appointed)
  • Nicolas Crapp (Appointed)
  • Caroline Kenny (Chair) (Trustee) FCIArb
  • Theophile Margellos (Trustee) MCIArb
  • Chikwendu Madumere (Trustee) FCIArb
  • Marion Smith KC (Trustee) FCIArb
  • Helen Suwannawongse (Appointed)
  • Patricia Chale (Appointed)
  • Rajesh Kishan (Appointed)
  • David Heubner (Chair) (Trustee) C.Arb FCIArb
  • Prof Dr Mohamed Abdel Wahab (Trustee) MCIArb
  • Marion Smith KC (Trustee) FCIArb
  • 3 Appointed vacancies