Non-Membership Courses

Non-Membership Courses

CIArb offers a number of dispute avoidance, and resolution training courses that do not lead to membership. They are valuable opportunities for members and non-members alike to deepen their knowledge and skills in dealing with disputes.

CIArb’s non-membership training courses come in a variety of delivery modes:  

1. Face to face

Current courses include:

• Introduction to Expert Witness
• Contemporary Negotiation Strategies
• Arbitral Secretaries

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2. E-Modules

We presently offer an e-Module, ‘Introduction to ADR’.

Individuals can undertake this module on a non-membership basis; or, if they wish to apply for Associate Membership of the Institute (ACIArb), they can choose to undertake an additional online assessment.

Successful completion of that assessment enables individuals to apply for ACIArb - the gateway to our wider professional benefits and service.

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3. CIArb Audiobooks 

CIArb offers audiobooks as a way of engaging with ADR knowledge on the go.

Resolving Disputes Today’: Collated and adapted by Richard Barnes FCIArb, and edited and read by Michael Patchett Joyce FCIArb.

Available at, for subscribers or to buy for the once-off price of £12.97.

This audiobook introduces some of the main techniques for dispute avoidance, management and resolution. It considers what constitutes a conflict, looks at litigation and goes into methods such as mediation and negotiation. It is useful for those who want to understand how to address disputes in today’s world, and the different disciplines and techniques associated with them.

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4. Bespoke

CIArb offers customised training solutions to corporates, governments and other organisations in dispute avoidance, management and resolution. In doing so, it:

1. Carries out a thorough analysis of the client’s needs to ensure that learning outcomes are tied to the client’s organisational goals;
2. Identifies the root cause of disputes and challenges that the organisation is facing to provide appropriate solutions that translates into measurable and demonstrable learning outcomes;
3. Aligns the learning outcomes to the strategic and performance related objectives of the organization, including productivity, cost-saving and efficiency;
4. Strengthens the organisational culture by promoting dispute avoidance, knowledge sharing and collaboration, as well as evaluation tools


For more information on the bespoke programme, or CIArb’s non-membership training courses, please call the Education and Training Support Line on + 44 (0) 20 7421 7439, or email