Virtual Module 2 Law of Obligations


Date & Time:
26 October 2021

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11 October 2021

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To provide an understanding of the relevant principles in the law of tort and the law of contract in the context of how disputes may arise and be resolved. This course is designed to consider both common and civil law jurisdictional principles to give a solid grounding to all practitioners.

This course is intended for individuals who may not have studied law previously and wish to gain an understanding of the elements of the law of obligations that affect matters in civil and commercial disputes in a variety of different jurisdictions. It is suitable for anyone with a general interest in dispute resolution and is essential for individuals who wish to go on to become qualified Arbitrators, Adjudicators or Mediators. It is also suitable for those from either system of law wishing to improve or refresh their knowledge of the more unfamiliar system of law.


If you take this course, you may also be interested in the Professional Development course: Avoiding and Resolving Contractual Disputes.

On successful completion of this course. candidates will be able to demonstrate sound conceptual, technical and/or practical knowledge of:

  • The sources of law and demonstrate how these are used in a common/civil law;
  • The nature and significance of the different types of obligations;
  • The ability to evaluate and apply contractual and tortious remedies;
  • Analytical skills on problems using the law of contract and the law of tort.

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