Virtual Module 1 Law Practice and Procedure of Construction Adjudication 2023


Date & Time:
14 September 2023

Bookable until:
30 August 2023

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Do you want to improve your knowledge and understanding of the law and principles underpinning construction adjudication? If so, look no further as we have the right course for you.

Book your place on this valuable course and get all the tools you need to become an effective advisor to parties in dispute as it focuses on the legal principles, process, practice and procedure in Construction Adjudication.

By taking this course, you will achieve important learning outcomes including being able to:

  • Explain, evaluate, and apply the principles and specific requirements in a construction adjudication.
  • Compare and contrast construction adjudication legislation and practice in different jurisdictions.
  • Understand the rights, duties, and responsibilities of each of those involved in an adjudication.
  • Identify, explain, and apply the legal procedural principles and rules relevant to the conduct of a construction adjudication.
  • Recognise the requirements of an enforceable adjudication decision.

You will also be able to demonstrate practical skills in:

  • Carrying out the tasks required in preparing and progressing an adjudication.
  • Controlling adjudication, communicating effectively with the parties, applying the relevant rules, and adopting appropriate procedures.


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