Online Introduction to ADR Assessment


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Online Assessment to Online Introduction to ADR course.

The assessment is completed through an online multiple-choice test accessed via LearnADR, CIArb's online learning platform, which you will have access to within 3 working days of booking the assessment.

Candidates will then be given 3 attempts within 28 days to submit their answers online. Candidates must achieve a minimum overall mark of 55% to pass the assessment.

The assessment is intended for candidates who have completed the open entry Online Introduction to ADR course.


If you take this assessment, you may also be interested in the Professional Development course: Brand Protection in Times of Disputes.

To unlock this course/assessment, you need to have at least one of the below prerequisites completed

No additional courses are unlocked by this course

Associate member

CIArb membership is an internationally recognized professional status in Alternative Dispute Resolution. It demonstrates a high standard of education and experience along with a commitment to development and keeping your skills current. Successfully passing this course will make you eligible for Associate Grade. Associate membership gives a competitive advantage needed to stand out from the crowd and demonstrates a commitment to professionalism, integrity, and excellence. Associate members can use the designatory letters ACIArb.