Module 2 Exemption Test


Date & Time:
18 December 2020

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18 December 2020

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This assessment is open entry. You do not need to wait until 31 December 2020 to receive access to the assessment. This date is for administration purposes only. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DEPARTMENT IS UNABLE TO PROCESS ANY BOOKINGS AFTER 18 DECEMBER 2020 DUE TO THE CHRISTMAS CLOSURE.

The assessment will be made available via LearnADR, CIArb's online learning platform once you have paid for the test and have provided proof to show that you meet the prerequisites.

This test evaluates your current knowledge of Module 2 Law of Obligations; therefore, the content of the test is on Contract and Tort Law.

Module 2 is the same module across all three Pathways (Arbitration, Adjudication and Mediation), therefore you will be required to demonstrate the required knowledge to be exempt.

Candidates must achieve a minimum overall mark of 70% to pass.

Am I eligible for the module 2 exemption test?
If you hold a recognised law degree or can provide a copy of your practicing certificate, you will be eligible to take the exemption test for Module 2.

You will also be eligible if you can demonstrate you meet the following criteria:

• Those who have a minimum of five years of practical experience in the form of ADR they are learning;
• Those who have substantial knowledge of the same form of ADR;
• Those who can recognise and evaluate evidence;
• Those who can significantly evaluate and apply the principles and requirements in the same form of ADR;
• Those who can noticeably demonstrate practical skill in the carrying out of tasks required in preparing for and
progressing of the same form of ADR.

What does the test consist of?
The exemption test is an online multiple-choice test covering Contract and Tort. You will be required to select the right answer to the questions to achieve the required pass mark. On achieving the pass mark, you will be able to download your certificate of exemption for Module 2.

What is the pass mark?
You must score a minimum of 70% of the test to be eligible for exemption. Candidates are offered only one opportunity to pass the test. Where a candidate scores under 70% they will be required to attend and complete the full Module 2 course and assessment through the Pathway.

What if I pass the Module 2 exemption test?
If you achieve 70% or over on the test, you will need to provide a copy of your downloaded exemption certificate to the Education and Training Department. They will check your pass mark and confirm exemption. Once this has been done you will be eligible to continue your development onto Module 3 (Domestic/International Arbitration, Adjudication or Mediation). 

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