Module 2 Exemption Test


Date & Time:
31 December 2022

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31 December 2022

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When you have completed any Module 1 Assessment, whether your path is across Arbitration, Adjudication or Mediation, you could be eligible to be exempt from taking Module 2: Law of Obligations by taking this Module 2 Exemption Test.

This online test evaluates your current knowledge of Module 2: Law of Obligations i.e., the content is on contract and tort law.


You are eligible to take the Module 2: Exemption Test if you have: -

  • A recognised law degree or
  • You can provide a copy of your practising certificate

Or if you can demonstrate that you have: -

  • A minimum of five years practical experience in contract and tort Law.
  • Substantial knowledge of contract and tort Law.
  • Noticeable practical skill in the carrying out of tasks required in preparing for and progressing of contract and tort Law.

And can show that you can: -

  • Recognise and evaluate evidence.
  • Evaluate and apply the principles and requirements in contract and tort Law.

Once you have passed the Module 2: Exemption Test (overall 70%) you can then accelerate straight onto the relevant Virtual Module 3 course. See unlocked course tab below.

If you take this test, you may also be interested in the Professional Development course: 

Avoiding and Resolving Contractual Disputes.

This course is online which you can take anytime that suits you.

The test is an online multiple-choice test of 30 questions based on contract and tort.

You will be presented with a random pool of questions and will be required to select the right answer from a choice of four possible answers provided.

The questions are selected randomly from a pool therefore no question structure is the same.

On achieving the pass mark which is 70%, you will be able to download your certificate of exemption to Module 2

The assessment will be made available via LearnADR, CIArb's online learning platform once you have paid for the test and have provided proof to show that you meet the prerequisites i.e. proof of pre-qualifying experience or practice

On Completion of the Exemption Test

You will receive your result immediately after submitting your test for marking.

If you achieve 70% or over on the test, you will be informed online and you will be presented with the ability to download a CIArb exemption certificate confirming that you have successfully completed and passed the Module 2 Exemption Test.

You will then need to provide a copy of your downloaded exemption certificate to the Education and Training Department.  They will check your pass mark and confirm exemption. Once this has been done, you will be eligible to continue your development onto the relevant Module 3 course. See Unlocked Courses tab below.

If you don't pass the exemption test, you must complete the full Module 2: Law of Obligations course and assessment

Member of CIArb

As you have successfully completed a Module 1 assessment, you are eligible to become a Member of CIArb. Become a Member and you can display the globally recognised and respected MCIArb letters after your name. MCIArb signifies to clients, colleagues and regulators that you have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to achieving the highest level of knowledge, skills and behaviour in ADR.’

To unlock this course/assessment, you need to have at least one of the below prerequisites completed

No additional courses are unlocked by this course

No additional Membership Grades are unlocked by this course