Avoiding and Resolving Contractual Disputes


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This newly launched CIArb e-module enables those who do not have a legal background to understand how contracts are formed and the way in which different legal terms can be interpreted and applied in both dispute prevention and resolution.

What is covered within the syllabus?

  • How contracts arise;
  • Express and implied terms;
  • The literal and implicit methods in contract interpretation;
  • The relevance of contractual terms for dispute avoidance;
  • Management of different interests in dispute prevention and resolution;
  • Cost and benefit analysis of dispute resolution methods.

What are the learning outcomes of the course?

  • Identifying the ways in which contracts can generally arise;
  • Distinguishing contracts from other types of agreements;
  • The implications of a legally binding contract and implied and express terms;
  • The different tools and methods for interpreting contractual terms;
  • The means by which contractual terms can be sued to prevent and resolve disputes;
  • The strategies for the effective prevention and resolution of disputes;
  • The implications of going to court for breach of contract versus ADR methods.

How is the course delivered?

The course includes four interactive learning units covering the many facets of Contract Law, as well as dispute avoidance and resolution. Each Unit involves a series of multiple-choice questions that allow learners to informally assess their knowledge, and there is also a scenario which is linked to each unit and provides learners with a chance to apply their learning. After each interactive exercise, learners will be told what the correct answer is and why, so that they can deepen their knowledge and understanding of the subject area.

Upon completion of the course, candidates will receive a certificate.

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