Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions: Membership Subscription Renewal 2022


“CIArb Membership Subscription” means the amount you pay for your annual membership of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) which gives you entitlement to CIArb’s member offer(s) and enables you to use CIArb post-nominals in line with your member grade.

“Recurring Payments” means a method of making and pre-authorising payment which enables you to automatically pay your CIArb Membership Subscription resulting in your CIArb Membership Subscription being automatically renewed when due if it is linked to your credit or debit card with an automatic payment instruction.

“Pathway Course” means a single virtual pathway training module delivered by CIArb Headquarters in 2022 (i.e. either a Module 1, 2 or 3 course only and excluding accelerated routes and Diplomas). 

1. These Subscription Renewal Terms and Conditions (“Subscription Terms”) apply to CIArb Membership Subscriptions for 2022 and are supplemental to the CIArb Membership Terms and Conditions and by paying your CIArb Membership Subscription you are agreeing to be bound by the Contract as set out in the CIArb Membership Terms and Conditions which continue to apply in full.

2. To be eligible for a discount on your 2022 CIArb Membership Subscription you must pay or commit to pay (by signing up to monthly Recurring Payments), your CIArb Membership Subscription on or before 31 January 2022 or such period as specified by Us, (“the Early Bird Discount”). The Early Bird Discount shall be applied as a fee waiver and is not available as a cash equivalent.

3. The Early Bird Discount will apply as follows:

a. 5% off your CIArb Membership Subscription together with a 5% discount on a Pathway Course when you pay your CIArb Membership Subscription in full and sign up to annual Recurring Payments.
b. 5% off your CIArb Membership Subscription when you sign up to pay your CIArb Membership Subscription in full by way of monthly Recurring Payments.
c. 5% off your CIArb Membership Subscription when you pay your CIArb Membership Subscription in full (but do not sign up to Recurring Payments).

4. If you sign up to Recurring Payments and fail to pay on time, CIArb reserves the right to recover in full your annual CIArb Membership Subscription.

5. It is your responsibility to update your information details with your payment service provider.

6. If you overpay, any credit balance may be used to offset any debt or outstanding payment.

7. Any refunds are at CIArb’s sole discretion and will only be made to the debit or credit card used for the original transaction.

8. CIArb reserves the right to withdraw the Early Bird Discount at any time and the Early Bird Discount is made available to members at CIArb’s sole discretion.

9. CIArb reserves the right to update or change these Subscription Terms from time to time, the latest version will be available on CIArb’s website.

10. You acknowledge that places on the Pathway Courses are subject to availability and are available on a first-come first-served basis. These Subscription Terms apply in addition to, (and do not replace), our Candidate Regulations for your Pathway Course. If there are any conflicts or discrepancies between these Subscription Terms and our Candidate Regulations, the Candidate Regulations will apply.