30 April 2019

Did the Chinese Court open up an opportunity for Malaysian Lawyers?

On December 30, 2016, the Supreme People's Court ("SPC") as a result of the Fa Fa [2016] No. 34 case, issued the Opinions on Providing Judicial Protection for the Construction of Pilot Free Trade Zones.

05 April 2019

The Philippines’ “pro-enforcement” take on the New York Convention: a yay or a nay?

On the 60th year of the signing of the New York Convention (“NYC”), the Supreme Court of the Philippines (“SC”), for the first time, declared its adoption of a narrow definition of “public policy” under the said convention.

04 April 2019

The new kid on the block: Brazil as the new hub for international arbitration

Being the new student in an old school is often a considerable challenge. The novice has to get acquainted with the unwritten rules of the institution and must prove him or herself to be worthy of notice time and time again, until the acceptance into the group becomes, silently, a fait accompli.

03 April 2019

Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements in Portugal

In the Portuguese jurisdiction the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments is regulated in Book V, Special forms of procedure, Title XIV, The Foreign Judgment Review, article 978 et seq. of the Civil Procedure Code. In this article, we intend to briefly explain how these processes work in Portugal.