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Japan's New Bid Toward a Regional Dispute Resolution Hub

13 Sep 2018

Douglas Kenji Freeman, FCIArb, Chair of the Japan Chapter of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and Ayako Tsuru, MCIArb, arbitration practitioner, discuss significant developments in Japan's international dispute resolution regime.


2018 has seen rumblings of change in Japan's renewed interest in establishing itself as an international dispute resolution hub.  No arbitration practitioner in the country would dispute that Japan has been an underutilized seat in international arbitration relative to its economic clout, particularly compared to neighboring Singapore and Hong Kong.  But significant recent developments give hope that 2018 may mark the dawning of a new era for international arbitration and mediation in Japan.

Growing Impetus for Change

The greatest impetus for change is the stark realization of that Japan’s significant lag behind Sin