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ADR practice in Zambia: exploring legislative reforms and future prospects to further enhance the practice

01 Mar 2019

Mary Mutupa (ACIArb)

In Zambia, ADR practice can be traced back to the 90s. Over the years, the practice of ADR has continued to grow both in numbers of ADR practitioners and practice. In Zambia, there are three ADR mechanisms that are mostly practised and have a legal framework governing them; these are Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration. In this article, I will base my focus on general practice, legislative regime, developments and proposal for law reforms.

A glimpse into legislative regime governing the practice of ADR

Currently, there are only three ADR mechanisms namely Conciliation, Arbitration and Mediation that are backed by a legislative framework. Before the new Arbitration Act of 2000, Zambia had an ancient Arbitration Act which was in place from way back before independence in 1964.

A number of legislative reforms have since been introduced to strengthen ADR law. Some of these reforms both old and new