11 Dec 2020

Rights of appeal in arbitration - Who gets a second bite at the cherry?

The LMAA and CIArb's London Branch joint webinar was presented on 2 December 2020. Those attending the joint webinar were left in little doubt that a successful appeal from an arbitrator’s award is a very rare beast indeed.

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16 Jun 2020

Construction Adjudication - A peek into the future

CIArb’s London Branch hosted its second ever webinar on 10 June 2020 on the topical issue of construction adjudication.

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02 Jun 2020

London Branch Webinar: International Arbitration – What Now? What Next?

CIArb's London Branch hosted a webinar to consider the impact of Covid-19 on arbitration under the banner ‘What Now? What Next?’

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26 May 2020

London Branch committee election and AGM

CIArb’s London Branch recently held its annual general meeting through online conferencing, and elected 6 new members to its committee.

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10 Mar 2020

London Branch event: Dispute resolution in sport (an insight into the high-profile world of sports arbitration)

On 5 March 2020, CIArb's London Branch delivered the event “All’s fair in love and sport? Dispute resolution in the sporting world”.



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03 Feb 2020

AI Technology and International Arbitration - Are Robots Coming for Your Job?

Last year’s hot topic was ‘Will someone else fund my claim?’. Seminars and workshops on Third Party Funding attracted record registrations, packed attendance and often with a waiting list.

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