About the Channel Islands Branch

The Council of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, granted formal status to the Channel Islands Branch in September 1983.

Since that time, when the membership numbered but six people, the membership has steadily grown, and is now 48, which includes Chartered Accountants, Insurance Practitioners, Chartered Architects, Bankers, Lawyers, Chartered Surveyors and Chartered Engineers.

Like its parent body, which was founded in 1915, the Channel Islands Branch is committed to promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution Services.

Very aware that those who take the alternative route to litigation are entitled to expect a high standard of professionalism with the attendant integrity, and impartiality, from the providers of the ADR services, the Channel Islands Branch is intent on ensuring that its members receive the very necessary training and experience.

A continuous educational programme of seminars, lectures, and conferences is in place for the purpose of maintaining a high standard of service from members.