Singapore Branch Committee

The committee meets six times a year and is responsible for the smooth running of all branch activities.

Committee Board

Branch Chairman
Paul Sandosham C.Arb FCIArb
Clifford Chance
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Branch Vice Chairman
Sapna Jhangiani QC FCIArb
Clyde & Co Clasis Singapore
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Branch Secretary
Jonathan Choo FCIArb
Bird & Bird
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Chaitanya Arora ACIArb Hon. Treasurer (FTI Consulting)

Hon. Treasurer 
Chaitanya Arora ACIArb
FTI Consulting
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Committee Members

Chou Sean Yu FCIArb Immediate Past Chairman, Director


Francis Xavier SC C.Arb FCIArb     Director


Richard Tan C.Arb FCIArb               Director  
Timothy Cooke FCIArb                    Director


­Andrew Yeo                                        Director


Amanda Lees FCIArb                        Director


Kent Phillips FCIArb                          Director


Balasamy Rengarajoo C.Arb FCIArb         



Michael Peer FCIArb                       



Steven Lim FCIArb                           Director


Mahesh Rai FCIArb                          Director


Tan Chuan Thye SC FCIArb            Director