North America Branch Sub-Committees

The Branch’s committees provide opportunities for members to participate in setting policy and strategy, incubate and launch program ideas, and network with members from around the Branch. Contact our committee chairs to get involved.

This committee is tasked with developing and managing a rolling three-year budget in support of NAB’s strategic plan, assisting the Treasurer in managing the financial affairs of the Branch, submitting grant proposals, and considering additional sources of funding for Branch activities.


Peter Rosen FCIArb, Treasurer,

This committee is tasked with developing and managing a comprehensive communications strategy for NAB, establishing and managing a more vibrant and useful digital presence, developing thought leadership initiatives, and evaluating external sponsorship requests and collaboration opportunities.


Steven J. Cologne Vice Chair for Communication

This committee is tasked with developing networking opportunities and supporting programs in our Chapters, enhancing member benefits, managing the Branch’s student membership program, fostering collaboration among Chapters, and conducting outreach to insure that the Branch is as inclusive as possible in all respects.


Ava J. Borrasso Vice Chair for Membership

This committee is tasked with developing, evaluating, and managing Branch programs, as well developing and periodically revising program strategy designed to increase the value of Chartered Institute and NAB membership.


Reena Soni Co Vice Chair for Programs
Tom Cunningham Co Vice Chair for Programs

This committee is tasked with organizing Associate, Member, and Fellowship training and qualification programs, as well as development of bespoke training programs designed for law firms, corporate legal departments, and particular industry sectors.


John Pinney Vice Chair for Training