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The podcast on Emergency Arbitration “Arbitrating in the Emergency Room"

13 Jul 2021

The podcast on Emergency Arbitration “Arbitrating in the Emergency Room,” which CIArb co-produced with Wolters Kluwer, is now live. Dr Crina Baltag FCIArb, Senior Lecturer in International Arbitration at Stockholm University interviewed Professor Patricia Shaughnessy, the preeminent arbitration academic and practitioner.

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CIArb's second podcast will be recorded in the next few weeks. Mercy McBrayer FCIArb will be interviewing Professor Mohamed S Abdel Wahab FCIArb on the topic of "Expedited Arbitration".

01 Feb 2023

Inaugural message from John Bassie, Ciarb President

John Bassie JP LLM FCIArb C.Arb sets out his vision and priorities as Ciarb President 2023. 

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16 Jan 2023

Unleashing the Arbitration Project Manager Within

Amanda Lee FCIArb, Arbitrator and Consultant at Costigan King, London, shares her thoughts on the importance of project management in ADR today. Ciarb’s Principles of Project Management Applied to Arbitration is an on-demand course led by Amanda.

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13 Jan 2023

Hot topics for international maritime arbitration in 2023

We asked George Lambrou FCIArb for his views on what international maritime arbitration holds in 2023. George is the Course Director for CIArb's Virtual Diploma in International Maritime Arbitration which starts on 5 April 2023.

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