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CIArb reinforces its vision statement and communicates a three-year strategy

16 Dec 2020

At times of uncertainty, it is critical to ensure that organisations have clear priorities. At the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) we have taken the opportunity to review our strategy and have developed clear strategic aims which place our members at the heart of what we do.

CIArb is committed to promoting effective dispute resolution and the benefit it brings to societies and economies around the world.

Ultimately our vision is of a world where disputes are resolved promptly, effectively, and creatively. To help make our vision a reality, we have committed to delivering our new strategy over the next 3 years.

Following consultation with our members, branches, board, committees, and our staff we have developed three strategic aims:

  • Strategic aim one: globally promote the constructive resolution of disputes – this will enable us to promote the benefits effective dispute resolution brings, differentiate our members based on their expertise, training and compliance with professional standards and ethics, engage with and train non-members to understand the benefits of effective dispute resolution and work collaboratively with partners to promote all forms of effective dispute resolution across the globe.
  • Strategic aim two: be a global inclusive thought leader – we will be recognised as a global thought leader on all forms of dispute resolution, raise awareness of dispute resolution’s role in supporting the rule of law and enabling access to justice, highlight the use of innovation and technology, and identify through horizon scanning and working closely with our members around the world, trends affecting dispute resolution and use this to inform our members about changes in practice.
  • Strategic aim three: develop and support an inclusive global community of diverse dispute resolvers – we will provide accessible, relevant, and high quality training and development to support career progression enabling our members to innovate, differentiate themselves and compete in changing markets. Our global ambition will support our membership to grow around the world through our branches and networks. We will highlight the significant contribution CIArb members make and actively encourage and support equality, diversity and inclusion encouraging the best to join us irrespective of their background.

Our priorities for next year to deliver our new strategy include improving our communication and engagement with members through our branches, publications, and website and through the creation of a member insight group which will provide direct feedback to us.

Based on understanding what our members want and value, we will develop our member offer including ensuring that we can support members at different stages of their career.

We will improve two-way communication with branches and engage, where we can, regional relationship managers to work directly with our members on the ground.

We will improve our training and pathways and give our faculty greater autonomy by introducing a competence framework which will maintain high standards but enable flexibility of delivery.

We will develop shorter micro-courses and work with partners to deliver greater benefits and diversity within our training for our members.

Everything we do will be underpinned by equality, diversity and inclusion and we will develop a mentoring service and other initiatives aimed at supporting those from underprivileged and underrepresented groups.

We will develop our thought leadership and policy input around the world by creating specialist groups to inform policy and best practice. We will also work to ensure that our governance supports the delivery of our strategy and is in line with best practice.

We are committed to supporting our members through a period of uncertainty enabling them to continue to deliver for their clients and develop their practices.

If you would like further information, please read our full strategy for 2021 to 2023, alternatively please view the strategy summary. If you would like to get in touch, please email

Catherine Dixon, Director General CIArb

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