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Branch Focus - Thailand

07 Dec 2021

The CIArb Thailand Branch was founded around 25 years ago. The branch currently has about 80 members.

Among the original founders were Victor Smith FCIArb, Bob Boulter MD with his business partner, the late David Stewart of Boulter Stewart Ltd, the late Peter Brierly and Michael L.J. Winckless, Barrister. Anthony Haughton S.C., Barrister, Des Voeux Chambers, Hong Kong, was a liaison from the Hong Kong branch and overseer of seed capital from Hong Kong to start the branch. 

As an integral part of the CIArb network, the CIArb Thailand branch provides education and training for arbitrators, mediators, adjudicators, lawyers, experts and allied professionals in the arbitration and ADR space. Our educational courses qualify participants for membership of CIArb as an Associate (ACIArb), Member (MCIArb) or Fellow (FCIArb). These internationally recognised qualifications provide a powerful mark of quality assurance. With the pandemic, we have collaborated with branches in the APAC region for virtual courses, which have proved very successful.

During the fall 2021, CIArb Thailand collaborated for the first time with the Thailand Arbitration Center (THAC) for a joint webinar during the THAC ADR Series on “The Interplay between Insolvency Proceedings and International Arbitration”. Our branch is striving to further this collaboration for events, webinars and networking opportunities in the future.

The Thailand branch is also pushing for diversity in its ranks and the new Chairperson of the branch, Ms. Vanina Sucharitkul (FCIArb), is the first female to hold the position in the branch’s history and Ms. Noppramart Thammateeradaycho is the first female Vice Chair.

CIArb is Thailand is passionate about working with its international network of 17,000 CIArb members to resolve disputes worldwide. By joining our members branch, members can gain access to an international network of like-minded people.

We look forward to seeing you at upcoming events!

By David Southern

Interview with Branch Chair/committee member: Vanina Sucharitkul FCIArb, Branch Chair.

What do you want to see in your Branch this year?
After the long pandemic, as places are opening up, we want to see our Branch resume in-person activities to foster membership network. This will include in-person seminar and social gatherings, as well as an annual branch dinner.  

As we have not held an AFR in a couple of years due to the pandemic, this will be the first priority. We have around 22-26 members that we would like to promote to the fellow level. We will continue with other education program, particularly when we can partner up with other regional branches. The virtual introduction to international arbitration course on 29 October 2021 drew a 20 delegates from Thailand, nearly half of the participants. 

Communication with branch members is key.  In this regard, we also plan to increase the use of technology for our branch by creating a website, a branch email account and increase the use of social media. 

How will you implement and deliver success?
We have a very committed committee with active members who will drive the initiative and implement the business development plan for the coming year.

How will you use or expand social networking? / How have you used social networking?
The increased use of technology to community and network amongst our member is on top of our agenda. We have a team dedicated to creating a branch website, as well as other social media pages to promote events and members.

What will you do to engage younger members/students? / What have you done to engage younger members/students?
We plan to appoint a YMG representative and launch a YMG group in the coming year. We currently have a number of student members. By collaborating with the Young Thailand Arbitration Center (YTHAC) group and university professors, we plan to expand and engage with student networks and young members.

How will you communicate more effectively with your members?
In addition to emails, we plan to increase the use of social media. Until we have a formal branch email account, any queries can be sent to

To contact Ciarb Thailand branch:

Do you have a social media presence as a Branch?
We have LinkedIn. Facebook and twitter are in the works.

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