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ADR Student Experience Programme

08 Mar 2021

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) is thrilled to announce that its Young Member’s Group (YMG) has recently partnered with Careers in Arbitration (CIA) for the launch of the virtual ADR Student Experience Programme.

The students will now have access to enrol on the new programme platform developed with Forage and explore the exciting field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) with a global leader in ADR education and training. The virtual ADR Student Experience Programme is free, can be completed at self-pace, and provides not only practical skills and experience, but also opportunities to leverage this experience in interviews, with a certificate of completion - a competitive edge in the resume. Designed as a virtual work experience it will help students decide if a career in ADR is right for them before even starting their applications.

As a global, inclusive thought leader, CIArb is enabling greater access to all forms of effective dispute resolution through the use of innovation and technology, developing and supporting an inclusive global community of diverse dispute resolvers. The launch of this programme dedicated to students is a happy milestone for CIArb in supporting and upskilling Students all around the world in the start of their journey while taking the first step towards developing ADR skills, knowledge, and a career, by providing accessible, relevant opportunities and high-quality training and development.

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) as the only international membership organisation dedicated to promoting all alternatives methods of dispute resolution, is playing an important role in providing early exposure to ADR to students from across the globe, helping students to become part of a diverse community and develop into talented ADR practitioners in the future. 

Careers in Arbitration, as an online platform working to ensure that anyone, anywhere in the world has access to vacancies and advice to help them to succeed in the ADR arena, is delighted to be working with CIArb to provide this valuable learning opportunity to students.

The CIArb-CIA Virtual ADR Experience Programme is an opportunity for students to stand out and demonstrate that they are passionate about commencing a career in Alternative Dispute Resolution. By undertaking this virtual experience programme, they will have the opportunity to experience some of the challenging issues that arise in real life cases and learn what it takes to manage them, guided by professionals in the field. This will help them to get ahead in the competitive ADR market and give you an advantage in your future career.

Beyond the practical skills the students will learn during the CIArb-CiA virtual ADR Experience Programme, they will benefit by completing the virtual programme:

  • Their experience will be recognised when applying for graduate and internship positions in the field of ADR.
  • They will be able to add this experience to their CVs/LinkedIn profiles and will have real, practical experience to talk about in interviews.
  • They will be entered into an exclusive pool where we will reach out with opportunities for internships, networking events, mentoring and CPD programmes and more.
  • Their applications will shine when applying for roles at law firms or arbitral institutions as they have demonstrated their practical skills and a real interest in pursuing a career in ADR.

Catherine Dixon, CIArb Director General, welcoming the students enrolling in the free programme: ‘’We are excited that you’ve chosen to take the first step towards developing your skills and knowledge of Alternative Dispute Resolution by signing up to this virtual programme which is a joint collaboration between our Young Members Group (YMG) and Careers in Arbitration, in the CIArb- CiA virtual ADR Experience Programme you (as a student) will explore life as professional in our practice and gain valuable experience that will drive your career forward for these realistic assignments prepared by professional ADR practitioners. (…) I wish you all the best!’’

About the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) is a Royal Charter body and charity established in 1915 with over 17,000 members across the world. It exists to promote and facilitate all forms of alternative dispute resolution as an alternative to litigation.

CIArb is committed to promoting effective dispute resolution and the benefits it brings to society and economies across the world.

For more information about CIArb, visit, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About CIArb Young Members Group (YMG)

CIArb YMG brings together dispute resolution practitioners and students below the age of 40, interested in building their careers in this fast-growing and dynamic field. Learn more here.

About Careers in Arbitration (CiA)

CiA Is an initiative working to make the process of securing a role in the field of international arbitration more transparent and to ensure that the best candidates, wherever they are based, have access to the resources required to take advantage of available opportunities.

CiA is an electronic, web-based professional development resource created in response to the challenges faced by those aspiring to enter and excel in the field of international arbitration. Starting from the premise that law firms and organizations wish to hire the best people, regardless of gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background or geographic location, Careers in Arbitration aspires to level the recruitment playing field by sharing details of vacancies as widely as possible and developing resources to assist those entering the field.

Careers in Arbitration shares vacancies on LinkedIn using the hashtag #CareersinArbitration and encourages members of the arbitration community to do the same. This makes it easier for those searching for opportunities, wherever they are based in the world, to find suitable roles.

You can learn more about Careers in Arbitration here and follow the hashtag #CareersinArbitration here. If you are interested in getting involved or supporting Careers in Arbitration, please write directly to Amanda J. Lee FCIArb. CiA founder, an independent arbitrator and consultant at Seymours, London.

About Forage

Forage is a free career education platform dedicated to giving students opportunities to discover and upskill for their careers, regardless of their backgrounds. By working with organisations to build open-access "virtual experience programs," Forage allows students to get an inside look at what certain careers are really like while building their resume skills.

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