Personal Bio

Job Title: Partner

Areas of Expertise: Arbitration,Mediation

I am a partner at Al Tamimi & Company.

I am a bilingual lawyer who possesses a vast wealth of knowledge and has a proven record of providing full arbitration and litigation services to national and multinational clients.

During the last ten years, I handled many construction, civil, and commercial disputes through litigation and arbitration.

Constantly focused on handling construction disputes. I successfully handled several construction disputes that involved arguments related to the UAE laws' position towards the concurrent delay, nominated subcontractors, and the employer's right to apply the LDs.

Extensive experience in ratifying the arbitration awards that are issued in UAE. I succeed to ratify a number of the arbitration awards, although the opponents strongly argued that the said awards should be nullified due to several reasons, such as, parties' lack of capacity, invalid arbitration agreement, and etc.

I am a member of many organizations, such as, the Egyptian Bar Association, CIArb, and SOCIETE EGYPTIENNE D’ECONOMIE POLITIQUE, DE STATIQUE ET DE LEGISLATION.

Country of Residence: United Arab Emirates

Primary Branch: UAE

Secondary Branch: