Just Interested in ADR

Just Interested in ADR?

For those who do not wish to join CIArb as members, however, nonetheless have a strong interest in avoiding or resolving disputes outside of court, CIArb offers a number of professional services. It runs a number of non-membership courses in discrete areas of dispute avoidance and resolution for those looking to enrich or deepen their understanding of these fields. Non-members can attend CIArb’s numerous networking events, such as its dispute avoidance and resolution lectures and symposia and also get in touch with CIArb’s global network of branches.

They can also access CIArb’s Dispute Appointments Service, and Research and Policy unit, as well as request bespoke non-membership training advice for group and in-house opportunities. CIArb has an active news section and many dedicated online channels on dispute avoidance and resolution and holds a wide range of consultations people can participate in.

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