Presidential Appointments

We can help nominate an arbitrator for the resolution of your dispute include a Presidential Appointments process and the 3-Name Suggestion Service.

Presidential Panels

Presidential panels are panels of senior and experienced practitioners who are trained arbitrators, commercial and civil mediators, and adjudicators.

When a request is received by CIArb, or a party has a dispute resolution contract clause that nominates the President of CIArb to appoint an arbitrator, mediator, or adjudicator, the president makes a selection from the most qualified and suitable members of the presidential panel for the job.

All panel members have demonstrated to CIArb that they have a suitable level of knowledge, skill, and experience in their discipline; together with a commitment to ongoing personal professional development and high ethical and professional standards of conduct.

Presidential Panel of Arbitrators

This panel consists of Chartered Arbitrators who have completed modules on the law of contract, tort, civil evidence and the law and practice of arbitration. They hold a current Panel Appointments Certificate.

Presidential Panel of Commercial and Civil Mediators

This panel consists of CIArb members who have completed commercial mediation training and who hold a current Panel Appointments Certificate.

How to be considered

Suitably qualified and experienced members of the institute are eligible to apply.

Please view the CIArb Guidance under our ‘Resources’ section, which explains what you need to know to be considered for appointment as an arbitrator, adjudicator, or mediator by CIArb.

The relevant application forms to join our presidential panels can be found under our ‘Resources’ section.

All arbitrators need to be chartered. Learn more.

If you have any queries regarding being listed on the panel, please contact our Member Services team. You can download our guidance here.

For further enquiries, please contact:

T: 0207 421 7455