Dispute Boards

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) in 2014 produced its own set of International Dispute Board Rules to help facilitate and resolve disputes occurring within contracts.

CIArb’s Dispute Board Rules have been created to enable appointment(s) of Dispute Board member(s) to any medium- or long-term project applicable to any construction or commercial contract.

Dispute Boards are created pre-dispute aiding parties in resolving their disagreements, board members may be called upon as soon as a problem arises. These boards help resolve issues before parties become too polarised in their views. Dispute boards should be set up at the outset of a contract and remain in place throughout.

Resolving conflicts at an early stage, or even before they arise, greatly minimises costs such as legal fees, as well as reducing the loss of productive time and goodwill between parties. To apply for the appointment of a Sole Member Dispute Board, please complete the application form below.

For more information email DAS@ciarb.org

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