Call for Trustees

Trustee Elections 2022

3 August 2022

CIArb is pleased to confirm the following candidates are standing in the Trustee Elections 2022:

Great Britain (3 vacancies)

  • Andrew Parsons, FCIArb
  • Andrew Miller, FCIArb
  • Ben Giaretta, FCIArb
  • Gill Mansfield, FCIArb
  • Lucy Greenwood, FCIArb
  • Matthew Martin, FCIArb
  • Tariq Mahmood, FCIArb

Africa (1 vacancy)

  • Chikwendu Madumere, FCIArb
  • David Kariuki Muigua, FCIArb
  • Pierre Burger, FCIArb

East Asia (1 vacancy)

  • Man Sing Yeung, FCIArb
  • Paul Barrett, FCIArb

Middle East/Indian Sub-Continent (1 vacancy)

  • Chandrakant Kamdar, FCIArb
  • Karamat Ullah Chaudry, FCIArb
  • Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab, C.Arb, FCIArb
  • Dr Talal Jaber, FCIArb

Members in the regions where elections are to take place and who are eligible to vote will receive notification from Civica on 3 October 2022.

If you are a voting member in one of the regions where elections are taking place, please look out for the email from Civica and remember to vote!

The closing date and time for votes to be received will be 1700 BST on 31 October 2022.