Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees currently comprises 14 Trustees.

  • Jonathan Wood, Great Britain, Chair
  • Marion Smith QC, Great Britain, Deputy Chair
  • Vacancy, Americas
  • Anthony Marks, Great Britain, Honorary Treasurer
  • Arran Dowling-Hussey, Ireland
  • Paul Barrett, East Asia
  • Lucy Greenwood, Great Britain
  • Dr David Kariuki Muigua, Africa
  • Dr Axel Reeg, Europe
  • Andrew Miller QC, Great Britain
  • John Wakefield, Australasia
  • Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Middle East
  • Francis Xavier (ex-officio)
  • Jane Gunn (ex-officio)

The President and Chairman of the Board of Management are ex-officio but non-voting Trustees.

The elected Trustees serve for up to two four-year terms, with elections being held on a biennial rotating basis. The next election year is 2020.

Elected Trustees take up office from 1 January in the year following their election. The maximum continuous period a Trustee can serve for is eight years, after which they must wait at least two years before standing for re-election.

The Board of Trustees elect a Chairman of the Board and an Honorary Treasurer on an annual basis.

The elected members of the Board of Trustees are trustees for the membership as a whole (i.e. not regionally representational) and are not permitted to hold any other office nor take up any other appointment within the Institute, while serving as a Trustee.

The Board of Trustees meet twice a year (Spring and Autumn) and, every alternate year, the Board of Trustees' Autumn meeting coincides with the holding of Congress.